No one wants to face the possibility of severe storm damage to their beloved family home. If you live in an area that receives incredible rainfall or high winds, you may be susceptible to intense storm damage. This can lead to roof damage, hail damage, siding damage, and even foundation damage. Unfortunately, when you face a storm, cleanup can be difficult or tricky. No matter how big or small your house might be, there are three things you need to do after you experience a severe storm in your area. Taking the proper steps after a storm hits will ensure you are able to fully recover your home with the least amount of stress and financial investment.

1. Assess the damage
The first thing you need to do is to physically examine your house and property to visually assess the damage to your space. Is there flooding inside of your home? Is the roof damaged or leaking? Are there holes in the side of your house? Are any of your windows broken? What are the major problems you notice visually? A thorough inspection will help when it comes to talking to repair people and any insurance personnel you may encounter during the days after the storm hits. It’s vital that you understand exactly what has happened to your home so you can contact the right people to help you with repairs and insurance claims.

2. Take pictures of everything
Make sure you document everything that happens after the storm. It’s a good idea to take notes, but you should also take pictures of everything. Even if something seems unimportant, go ahead and take a picture. Pictures are important because you can send them to repair people before they come out. This will help them know what to expect. You can also send pictures to your insurance company if necessary. It’s a good idea to take both exterior and interior pictures. Start with wide, full pictures of your property and then move to closer, more specific pictures. Take pictures of anything you notice as being related to the storm.

3. Hire a professional
Finally, make sure you hire a professional. When it comes to storm damage cleanup, it’s important that you trust a professional home restoration expert who can assess the damage and move forward with any repairs. While doing your own repairs may seem like a good idea, the truth is that a professional will be able to safely repair your home and any damage caused by the storm. Professional restoration experts are also able to assess whether your home will have further damage you may not have noticed, such as mold damage caused from flooding. It’s always important to speak with a professional and have them begin repairs as soon as possible. Avoid waiting for long periods after the storm comes. Instead, reach out as quickly as you can in order to have the best and quickest repairs performed on your home. The right professional will be able to quickly restore your home to its original state.