A Guide to Propane Gas Hot Water Heaters People are debating on what is really the best water heater for the home, propane, oil, or electric driven? But whatever be your preference, the type of water heater you pick not only affects your monthly energy bills, but also your home’s resale value, its impact on the environment, and your safety and that of the other residents of your home. Let me spell this out to you one by one. Propane is cheaper that either oil or electricity. This means that your monthly upkeep is more economical. Also, the cost of installing and maintaining your heating equipment is another significant factor since among the other choices, installing propane equipment in your system has been proven to be a less expensive option. This also includes its longevity or its average lifespan since they are more durable. Propane expense is thirty percent less than electricity and twenty five percent less than using oil. Cleanliness is another advantage of propane over the other fuels. When you use oil to power your heater, more carbon dioxide is produced than when using propane. Furthermore, if your oil tank leaks, it will contaminate any surrounding water or soil. Propane is one of the cleanest fossil fuels in existence. If a leak occurs, then propane gas will not contaminate soil or water.
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Since propane gas is a highly portable fuel, it is highly serviceable which is its other advantage. It does not deteriorate even if you store and transport it over time. Propane gas heater can also heat your grill, stove, pool heater, clothes dryer, refrigerator, and air conditioner, and that is why we say that it is serviceable. The applications for oil heaters are only for heating your home and your water. Since propane heaters can heat water twice as quickly as electric heater, we can say that it is very efficient. It’s also extremely durable since this type of heater that is fueled by propane tend to last up to a decade longer than heat pumps fueled by electricity.
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Compared with other fuel tanks, propane tanks are twenty times more resistant to punctures than the other fuel tanks. It is stated by law that propane is always stored and delivered by trained individuals. But other than one’s protection from harm, propane gas in non-toxic and difficult to ignite compared to electricity. Lastly, it can also play a major role in fighting climate change since propane has a tiny carbon footprint and is highly efficient. Burning most fuels used in the world today, from coal to wood, oil, gasoline and natural gas, produces various kinds of carbon that contributes to global warming.