Tips on Becoming an Interior Designer Interior designing requires more than just a skill or two. Not all can be interior designers. Do people like your taste when it comes to interior design? Are you fond of decorating rooms and moving furniture all over the place? If you do love decorating rooms and rearranging furniture, then being an interior designer might be the right career for you to take on. There are things you need to know about the industry before you make a choice to be an interior designer.
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Challenges are ahead of any career taken including interior designing. The job may seem to be an adventure, but it also has downs as much as it has ups. Decorators are not automatically designers. What separates interior designers from interior decorators? A college degree separates the two.
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An interior decorator can just be anyone. Decorators are artists who love colors, textiles, and fabrics. Interior decorators may market themselves as such. There is nothing wrong with this but education is important. An interior designer needs to have a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Are you willing to go an extra mile and get a degree in interior design? Remarkably great designs make great interior designers. Designs are what interior designers are good at. There is more to designing when one decides to become and interior designer. An interior designer is not concerned mainly of just decorating and getting compliments. Interior design must not be confined only to having fun decorating and rearranging furniture. There are tasks that may not appeal to people that an interior designer actually needs done. Technical things about history, building structures, space, psychology and software are only few of those that an interior designer must consider in the performance of his or her job. Interior designers earn average income. Choose a good location or a good company to be paid well in your job as an interior designer. The larger the company, the bigger the salary. Salary negotiations will be easier when you have made your mark in the interior design industry over the years. Other studies related to interior design paves the way to success for practicing designers. One must love people in order to be a successful interior designer. Interior designers have endured the good and the bad experiences with their customers. People are conscious about how their houses will look like. Some clients know what they want but others just claim to know and end up complaining about the end results. Interior designers must be able to understand where his clients are coming from. Interior designers must master the art of persuasion.